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DotNetNuke Skin Development

ZenCss 2.0 Skin Pack

Skin for DotNetNuke: ZenCss 2.0

Professional Skin and Containers for DNN by Considero

ZenCss 2.0 Skin is professional "Web 2.0 style" skin for DotNetNuke platform.


  • Simply, just install the skin and the containers separately trough your DNN administration interface.
  • No additional installations required!


  • DotNetNuke 4.5.x and 5.x
  • Choose one of four width options to fit any screen resolution, from 800x600 to 1680x1050 or bigger.
  • Tested with Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox 2 and 3, Opera, Sfari and Google Chrome.


  • Basic colors: orange (#ff9c00), blue (#2199ff) and gray tones.
  • 48 skins differed by:
    • 6 backgrounds: None (Gray), Abstract, Desert, Flower, OrangeGrad and Oranges to change the look & feel of your pages.
    • 4 width options: fixed 800 px (content width: 692 px), fixed 1024 px (content width: 917px), fluid 85 % and full 100 %.
    • 2 layout options: Front page and Main page. The difference is in a blue header with 3 optional content panes. Only Front layout can display a blue header panes.
  • 13 content panes: Both Front and Main page versions of the skin include 10 content panes: TopPane, LeftPane, LeftTopPane, MidTopPane, RightTopPane, ContentPane, MidLeftPane, MidRightPane, BottomPane, RightPane and additional 3 footer panes: LeftFooterPane, MidFooterPane and RightFooterPane. All Front page skins also have 3 blue header panes: LeftBluePane, MidBluePane and RightBluePane.

    All skins use the visible='false' option for every pane except the ContentPane. This way panes without content vanish and panes with content

DotNetNuke Module Development

Alive Media Player

Alive Media Player for DotNetNuke

Considero Alive Media Player is 5-in-1 multimedia player module for DotNetNuke portal platform.

Supported Media Formats

  • FLV Flash video files
  • MP3 music files
  • JPG, GIF, PNG and other image files
  • SWF Flash files
  • iTunes, RSS 2.0, ATOM, XSPF podcast playlists
  • Custom XML playlists

Media Sources

  • It can play files from your DNN server (set folder, single file or playlist to play)
  • Play podcasts or files and custom playlists from other web servers worldwide

New in version 1.0.4:

  • Wmode parameter added. You can now choose between Window, Transparent and Opaque wmode parameter value for Flash player.

New in version 1.0.3:

  • File from URL parameter - Option to read URL query string MediaFileId parameter and set dynamically file to play.
  • Enable syndication - If enabled shows playlist RSS 2.0 feed with icon


Considero Products

Alive Media Player for DotNetNuke
   SearchCloud Module for DotNetNuke



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